Synadia Communications, the force behind, has successfully raises $25 million in Series B funding. Forgepoint Capital leads the round, with additional backing from both new and existing investors, pushing Synadia's total funding to $51 million.

This infusion of capital is aimed at expanding Synadia’s AI-enhanced messaging system, NATS, a critical tool for high-performance data streaming across cloud and edge environments.

The funding will drive the growth of, a platform crucial for companies from startups to giants like Rivian and Walmart, enabling the deployment of edge applications efficiently.

Synadia’s solution, recognized for reducing cloud costs and enhancing performance, addresses the need for data and micro-services accessibility closer to users.

Such innovation increasingly vital for applications in AI/ML, customer experience, and IoT, where speed and data management are paramount.

Ernie Bio, Managing Director at Forgepoint Capital, will become a member of Synadia’s board, marking the strategic value of the investment.

"The move towards edge computing is crucial for companies looking to improve speed and data management. The growth of Synadia and the adoption of its Adaptive Edge platform show its effectiveness in responding to these modern requirements with secure and versatile solutions," said Bio.

Derek Collison, CEO and founder of Synadia, highlighted the company's commitment to facilitating seamless, secure access to services and data across any location, cloud, or edge.

"This funding not only affirms our market fit but also accelerates our efforts to advance distributed systems," said Collison.

Furthermore, Franco Sabini at Fineco Bank notes NATS improved performance and cut costs, praising its efficiency over traditional methods and its key-value store for streamlining operations.


Synadia's recent Series B funding enables the company to seize opportunities in the rapidly expanding edge computing market.

With this investment, Synadia plans to enhance its platform, tackling the complexities of distributed computing.

Also, company seeks to improve performance, lower costs, and streamline the technology stack for businesses moving to multi-cloud and edge computing.

Finally, the funding aligns with Synadia's goal to drive modern, distributed systems using its cutting-edge, AI-powered technologies.

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