ISHI Health, an innovative AI-powered virtual clinic focusing on heart failure and complex cardiac diseases, secures $4 million in funding from Takeda Digital Ventures (TDV).

This investment is aim to broaden ISHI’s product offerings, venturing into new markets, and delivering outstanding clinical results and patient experiences.

Amidst on-going escalating heart failure epidemic affecting millions globally, ISHI Health introduces a fresh perspective with its proprietary AI technology.

Collaborating with the Mayo Clinic, ISHI offers precision care that personalizes treatment plans based on real-time biometric data from patients, distinguishing itself from traditional remote monitoring methods.

ISHI’s approach involves a close partnership with patients' primary cardiologists, ensuring that high-quality care is accessible locally.

This model emphasizes ISHI's dedication to working alongside healthcare providers, value-based care organizations, and payers to offer proactive and superior care.

Dr. Ajay Srivastava, the heart behind ISHI Health, is passionate about transforming cardiac care.

"By leveraging AI and technology, we aim to provide heart failure patients with care that is not only proactive but also deeply personalized, enhancing both outcomes and the patient experience," he said.

Notably, ISHI excels with its direct patient care plans and health tips, earning accolades like the AWS Health Equity award.

Such recognition points ISHI’s commitment to reducing healthcare disparities and improving access to quality care in underserved communities.

Suzie Yoon at TDV commended ISHI's care approach, highlighting its promise for heart and cardiometabolic care.

"ISHI's innovative approach, combining AI with virtual and remote care, presents a promising solution for a wide range of patients," Yoon stated.


With the latest funding, ISHI Health is aiming for expansion to enhance its clinical services, collaborating with more healthcare providers, and enter new markets.

ISHI's dedication to improving clinical outcomes and patient experiences, along with its involvement in value-based care initiatives, suggests its emerging role in advancing AI in cardiac care.

As ISHI continues to grow, its innovative approach promises to redefine the landscape of heart failure treatment and complex cardiac disease management.

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