Our Purpose

Morning Tick is an online publication aimed at serving Asian consumers' curiosity, knowledge, and regular updates in the Decentralized Technology realm. We bring curated guides, learning resources, and untapped news across crypto, web3, metaverse, and all the latest innovations in the world of decentralization.

Origin and Mission

Recognized as a Google News indexed media outlet, Morning Tick was reinvented on 4th October 2023. Our mission? To connect Asians, specifically from the East, South, and Southeast, to the global decentralized tech ecosystem, bridging the gap between worldwide innovators and Asian adopters.

Consumer First

We also nurture a community of forward-thinkers, and tech-savvy generations. These individuals are always on the lookout to learn, improve, and grow their intellectual capital.


True believers in ‘decentralized’ principles, we've embraced a fully-remote work model. Our team daily contributes from home, coffee shops, or prestigious coworking spaces like WeWork.

Growth Model

Proudly self-funded and non-VC backed, our growth strategy revolves around advertising revenues and audience support. This approach aligns with our vision to empower autonomy and present unbiased stories without external influences.

Team Background

Comprising topic experts with degrees in computer science and journalism, our team members have been active in the digital space since 2012. Many have contributed to various blockchain and media projects before joining forces on Morning Tick's mission. We are distributed across major Asian startup hubs like Singapore, Bangalore, and Jakarta, as well as in the United Kingdom, all enabled by the internet's boundless reach.

What We Truly Believe In

Our Seven Key Guiding Principles

Keep Calm Be Humble Be Friendly Show, Don't Tell
Say NO to sensationalism Stay grounded Ditch self-centeredness Be action oriented
Collaborate, Not Compete Allergic To Stupidity Focus On Your Journey
Shared success over solo win Embrace deep work Avoid comparison