Mission: To consistently deliver useful content that enriches our audience, also empower startups & leaders in emerging tech through tailored content marketing solutions.
Vision: Be a dedicated publisher that serves a dual purpose, combining daily updates & research editorials alongside a collaborative space for the startup & innovation ecosystem to share insights, announcements, & breakthroughs.

Who We Are

Morning Tick is an online publication focused on emerging tech niche, covering Web3, Metaverse, and AI. We deliver daily stories on the latest trends, events, startups, innovations, and industry insights.

Additionally, we bring curated guides, learning series, product-reviews, listicles, and other formats that simplify complex tech topics into easily digestible information.

Our readers include tech early adopters, business professionals, C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, innovation managers, and venture capitalists.

Recognized as a Google News indexed publisher, Morning Tick was reborn on October 4, 2023 with the mission to provide helpful and industry-specific content.

We provide a platform for startups, businesses, and thought leaders in the realms of Web3, Metaverse, and AI to regularly share their insights, innovations, and announcements.

Growth Model

Self-supported and non-VC backed, with our growth strategy revolves on ad revenues & audience contributions. This model aligns with standard editorial integrity to maintain autonomy and present unbiased stories that serve our audience’s interests first.

Revenue Reuse

The revenue we generate enables us to reinvest in talent, supporting their research and time to continually produce and refine content for our audience and business partners.

Team Background

We are dynamic, enthusiastic, and tech-savvy individuals with a diverse set of skills, collaborating to produce helpful content. Our team members have backgrounds in computer science, technical writing, and consulting.

Our experience spans online publishing, tech blogging, and a passion for emerging technologies. Before joining Morning Tick, our staff contributed to various publications and worked for product-based startups and in the digital publishing sector since 2013.

Author Handles

Given our collaborative approach, we use unified author bylines ("Editorial Squad" and "NewsDesk") to represent our team's collective efforts in delivering timely content.

Address: WeWork, Prestige Cube, Bangalore, India with fully remote team.

Team Culture

Be Cooperative Practice Clear Communication Prioritize Tasks
Give Best Effort Cultivate Punctuality Work-Life Balance
Last Updated: Apr 20th, 2024