At Morning Tick, we assist startups, businesses, and agencies seeking to engage niche-specific audiences in emerging tech (Web3, AI, Metaverse). We do this by integrating content and PR marketing solutions into our partners' growth journey.

For collaboration, refer to our partnership page.

1. Partner Content Guidelines

Our guidelines help ensure effective collaboration and a positive experience for our audience.

We cover everything in Web3, Artificial Intelligence, and Metaverse, including Crypto, Blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, and other emerging tech innovations. We explicitly exclude financial speculative content, and casinos related stories. Check our editorial theme.

  • Any partnership content (externally submitted or produced in collaboration) should not be overly self-promoting but rather aim to inform, inspire, and engage readers.

1.1 Restricted Content Examples ❌

  • Join this investment scheme now for quick returns.
  • Buy XYZ Token and get a 200% return in the next one month.
  • ABC Casino or Gambling platform launches a new game; play & earn now.
  • Top 5 Cryptocurrencies expected to surge 10X in October.
  • With these trading strategies, Mr. John made $200K in a month.
  • Become a millionaire by participating in this competition or contest.
  • Technical chart analysis for $abc, $def, and $123 tokens; don't miss out.
  • This crypto expert recommends hodling abc NFT for the next month.

1.2 Accepted Content Examples ✅

  • This startup launches a new feature, updates, announcements, etc.
  • Product reviews and showcases for ABC startup.
  • Interview: Meet Mr. Alex, Founder & CEO at XYZ Company, sharing insights.
  • ABC startup raises $10M to drive the Web3 and AI revolution.
  • XYZ Crypto exchange lists $ABC token.
  • ABC company's ICO raises $25 million in funding in one month.
  • This DeFi project reaches a TVL of 200M+ in 5 months after launch.
  • ABC startup introduces xyz product to transform the gaming sector.

2. Partner Content Terms

2.1 Title/Subtitle

  • We reserve the right to edit, suggest, or modify titles and subheadings to ensure optimal search display, in compliance with SEO guidelines.

2.2 Linking

  • To adhere to Google's link spam guidelines, up to 2-3 links will be allowed, and by default, they will be no-follow. Please note, there will be no exceptions.

2.3 Bylines

  • Premium News Boost: Byline: NewsDesk.
  • Long-form submitted content: Byline: Thought Pulse.
  • Content written by our team in collaboration: Byline: CoCreate Team.
  • Content under assigned CMS access: Byline: Your name.
Kindly note: At Morning Tick, we use a unified byline for content that is either externally submitted or produced in collaboration, with the exception of CMS allocations.

2.4 Tagging

  • We ensure fairness with our audience, and hence we clearly tag and label external contents.

2.5 Image/Video Insertion

  • Allow up to 2 images or 1 video for better lazy loading.

2.6 Payment

We accept advance payment in fiat currency ($ USD) or stablecoins like USDC, USDT

Payment gateway fee will be applicable as follows:

  • Payment via Wire Transfer: +0%
  • Credit Cards: +3%
  • PayPal: +6%

2.7 Refund Policy

If submitted articles fail to comply our editorial theme, we provide suggestions, assist with edits, or offer a 100% refund. After publishing, refunds are not available. Similarly, Bundle refunds aren’t available after purchase or CMS set up, only mindful negotiation is acceptable.

2.8 Content Removal Policy

Morning Tick retains the right to remove any content, including paid content, at our discretion. This may occur in response to search engine penalties, fraudulent activities, regulatory compliance issues or any situation compromising our platform’s integrity.

  • Note: In given cases or related, content removal will be enacted with and without refund.
  • Case: Full refund if article is less than 100 days older. No Refund if it exceeds 100 days.
  • Please understand, we may take necessary actions to uphold audience trust in the midst of troublesome situations.

2.9 Search Engine and Our Limitation

Search giants like Google frequently update their ranking factors and algorithms, which can sometimes affect our content’s indexing, ranking, and search traffic.

We acknowledge that these changes are beyond our control. Therefore, the primary aim of publishing external stories on Morning Tick is solely to showcase your content. This diminishes any claims on outcomes such as article ranking, indexing, referral traffic, or lifetime placements—we can't guarantee these, given the dynamic nature of the digital world.

2.10 Partnership Adaptability

During business partnerships, we enact and adhere to terms mutually discussed at the time of the deal, remaining open to the possibility of future amendments to best suit the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Last Updated: May 3rd, 2024