Iterable unveiled its AI-driven Journey Assist feature at the 2024 Activate Summit, aiming to revolutionize how marketers build customer journeys using natural language prompts.

During their recent product announcement at the Activate Summit, Iterable introduced several innovative capabilities designed to streamline customer engagement.

Among these, the standout is Journey Assist, a tool that simplifies the creation and enhancement of marketing journeys through the use of generative AI.

The latest feature allows marketers to intuitively design tailored customer pathways, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Andrew Boni, CEO of Iterable, commented on the tool's impact, stating,

“The innovations... directly address marketers’ pain points, enhancing our ability to deliver outstanding customer experiences quickly and effectively.”

His sentiment highlights Iterable’s commitment to enhancing marketing strategies with advanced AI technologies.

In addition to Journey Assist, Iterable has also launched Brand Affinity Reporting and native WhatsApp integration.

These advancements support deeper customer sentiment analysis and broaden global communication capabilities, respectively.

The new Smart Segmentation feature further allows for more dynamic audience targeting, demonstrating Iterable’s focus on leveraging data-driven insights to refine marketing approaches.

“My favorite feature is the journey builder; it inspires our creative process,” shared Naomi Eshleman from Rocksbox, reflecting on the benefits of Iterable's innovations. “With AI advancements, we expect even smoother and more intuitive experiences.”


In summary, Iterable continues to lead in customer engagement innovation, empowering marketers worldwide by integrating AI deeply into their platform.

These enhancements not only foster more personalized and efficient marketing strategies but also position Iterable at the forefront of the evolving tech landscape.

As the industry shifts towards more integrated and intuitive AI tools, Iterable's new features are set to redefine the standards of customer engagement technology.

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