, the first comprehensive "Prompt to AR/VR" content creation platform, announced its beta launch today.

This browser-based, no-code solution uses Generative AI to create and publish AR/VR content on devices like iPhone, Android, Apple Vision Pro, and Meta Quest. integrates over 100 features to streamline production, addressing interoperability issues in the market.

It allows creators to produce sophisticated AR/VR experiences without developer assistance, making the process more accessible and efficient.

" opens the floodgates to the creative community who have been sidelined by the technical requirements of content creation in spatial computing," said Amir Baradaran, Founder & CEO. "It transforms the content creation process by dismantling technical and cost barriers."

The platform's key features include Generative AI, enabling users to create, prototype, and edit AR/VR content using text or speech prompts.

Users can develop interactive characters, control 3D props, and integrate sound effects and visual elements.

Additionally, advanced editing tools facilitate live collaboration and precision editing.

Furthermore,'s interoperability supports seamless integration with industry-leading API services and real-time content creation across various devices.

The platform also offers a cloud-based management system to optimize production workflow.

" nails it by empowering creators of all technical backgrounds to quickly prototype AR and VR experiences," said Ori Inbar, Advisor and Co-Founder of Augmented World Expo. "It creates sophisticated scenes and interactions, enabling complex storytelling and user interaction."
" offers technology that will drive a new era in spatial computing," added Debu Purkayastha, Strategic Advisor to "It is a revolutionary platform that empowers a new generation of content creators."


In summary,'s launch making AR/VR content creation accessible to a broader audience. As the technology continues to evolve, platforms like will likely play a crucial role in shaping the future of spatial computing by lowering barriers to entry and enabling diverse creators to bring their visions to life.

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