At its annual Knowledge 24 event, ServiceNow introduced next-generation AI service agents developed with NVIDIA's cutting-edge AI Enterprise software, spotlighting the future of business interactions.

ServiceNow's collaboration with NVIDIA leverages the Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) which integrates speech recognition, large language models, and animation technologies to animate digital characters.

This innovation was highlighted during a presentation by ServiceNow President and COO, CJ Desai, and included a cameo by NVIDIA's CEO, Jensen Huang.

The demonstration aligns with predictions from Gartner that by 2026, 60% of GenAI solutions will embrace multiple modes of interaction, a notable increase from 1% in 2023.

These AI avatars are part of ServiceNow and NVIDIA's ongoing strategic partnership aimed at enhancing workflow engagements across various organizational sectors.

“As AI becomes a staple in daily operations, the expectation is not just for technology to function but to adapt to personal communication styles,” stated Desai. “Through our expanding partnership with NVIDIA, we're exploring innovative ways to interact with AI that respect user preferences and enhance their experience.”

The showcased avatars promise to revolutionize Virtual Agent experiences, offering users more personalized interaction options, especially in sectors where customer service and engagement are paramount, like retail and travel.

The demo featured avatars that can conduct conversations, aiding users in tasks such as upgrading internet packages or navigating company policies.


In summary, ServiceNow's presentation at Knowledge 24 not only underline the technical capabilities of the NVIDIA-powered avatars but also highlighted the potential of generative AI to transform customer and employee interactions across industries.

With ongoing advancements and strategic collaborations, ServiceNow continues to lead in implementing responsible, impactful AI solutions that are redefining business processes and customer interactions.

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