At Morning Tick, we strive for ethical tech journalism, valuing integrity, transparency, disclosure, and mutual respect with our audience and business partners.

1. Editorial Principles

1.1 Accuracy and Integrity

  • We aim for accuracy and integrity in all our publications. Our team thoroughly researches and verifies the information before publication to ensure reliability, and uphold standard journalistic ethics by ensuring content is original and free from plagiarism.
  • Corrections: We are committed to correcting any inaccuracies as swiftly as possible, making edits based on audience feedback.

1.2 Autonomy and Objectivity

  • Morning Tick maintains editorial independence and objectivity. Our content is produced free from external influence, bias, or conflicts of interest.
  • We clearly label sponsored content, press releases, and partnered articles to distinguish them from our editorial content.

1.3 Inclusivity, Respect, and Balance

  • Our content respects diversity and aims to be inclusive of all readers, without endorsing or promoting discrimination based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic.
  • Balance: We aim to focus on the positive, constructive, and uplifting aspects of any news stories or content, while also considering opposing viewpoints to ensure a 'balanced' perspective. By doing so, our editorial approach highlights solutions and celebrates human achievements, thereby empowering our readers and contributing to a hopeful and proactive community.

2. Editorial Theme & Limitation

Our passion for technology, innovation, and knowledge of product development narrows our editorial focus to areas where we can best apply our expertise, transcending the traditional journalistic approach to content creation.

  • Consequently, content related to financial speculations, casinos, gambling, or investment schemes falls outside the scope of our audience's interests.
  • For instance, we prefer covering product features, C-level executives insights, thought leadership, adoption, initiatives, technology integration, partnerships, funding news, events, appointments, achievements, market trends, research, and insights etc.
Last Updated: Apr 20th, 2024