The internet is undergoing a revolution, and Web3 is leading the change. This next generation promises significant improvements in how we design and develop digital applications, systems, and processes. 

As Web3 development gains momentum, the Alchemy web3 development tool is set to become a top priority for organizations and professionals. Let’s look at Alchemy's products, features, and pricing plans.

What is Alchemy?

Alchemy provides developers with tools and resources to build decentralized applications (dApps) that can function on multiple blockchains. Alchemy offers educational resources to help developers learn how to use their software development tools and application programming interfaces effectively.

These user-friendly tools allow developers to create adaptable smart contracts that can be implemented for various purposes across different blockchain networks. This flexibility allows for seamless integration of dApps regardless of the underlying blockchain technology.

Alchemy has impacted the blockchain industry by allowing a large transaction volume of over $100 billion and supporting a large user base. 

Alchemy Products

1. Alchemy Supernode

    • Alchemy Supernode is a strong and scalable Ethereum API that ensures data accuracy and consistent uptime. This allows for a smoother development experience, free from node-related disruptions.
    • Alchemy Supernode offers superior performance compared to traditional node setups. This leads to faster data retrieval and processing, keeping your development workflow efficient.

2. Alchemy SDK

    • Alchemy SDK provides you with a collection of developer tools specifically designed for web3 applications.
    • This service allows development with deep request analysis through the Explorer tool, smart contract calls through Composer, and real-time transaction visualization using Mempool Visualizer.
    • By combining these, Alchemy SDK simplifies complex blockchain interactions to simpler code, allowing you to make your dApp ideas work.

3. Alchemy Dashboard

    • Alchemy Dashboard offers a wealth of insights by leveraging customizable dashboards and real-time alerts to stay informed about app health, user behavior, and key metrics.
    • It provides valuable insights into error rates, request volume, and response times, allowing you to identify potential issues before they impact the users.
    • This innovative tool simplifies the user experience by sending relevant updates on web3 events and transactions directly to users. This keeps them engaged and informed with real-time notifications.

4. Alchemy Transact

    • This set of services goes beyond just sending transactions; it enables you to prioritize speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness for a superior user experience.
    • Features like automatic transaction tracking and resending ensure higher success rates, minimizing user frustration from failed transactions.

5. Alchemy APIs

Alchemy offers a vast library of APIs designed for a wide range of functionalities. This collection offers APIs for:

  • NFTs: You can effortlessly identify, verify, and display non-fungible tokens within your dApp.
  • Tokens: You can access crucial token information such as balances and metadata with ease.
  • Transfers: It allows you to fetch historical transaction data for specific addresses to gain valuable insights into user activity and token movements.
  • Transactions: You can manage transactions with speed, security, and transparency, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Features of Alchemy

1. Reliable Blockchain Connectivity

Alchemy ensures a reliable and consistent connection to various blockchains. This is necessary for developers to build applications that function without disruptions. A reliable blockchain connectivity provides a bridge of communication between the blockchain and the network of computers.

2. Scalability 

Alchemy's infrastructure allows you to scale to accommodate the demands of your project. This means your application can handle increasing user activity or data volume without performance issues.

3. Enhancing Developer Efficiency

Alchemy offers a suite of tools and services designed to streamline the web3 development process. For instance, Alchemy NFT API allows developers to retrieve all NFTs associated with a particular address using a single request. This significantly improves efficiency and reduces development costs.

This service empowers web3 developers by providing solutions that address key challenges, allowing them to focus on building innovative applications. A smooth and efficient development experience is important for the success of Web3.

Pricing Plans of Alchemy

1. Free Tier

The Free tier is ideal for individual developers and offers 300,000,000 Compute Units (CUs) per month, providing ample resources for experimentation and building basic applications.

Key features of the free tier include a reliable Ethereum API (Alchemy Supernode) for seamless blockchain interaction, comprehensive APIs across popular blockchains (Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism) with Core and Enhanced functionalities, full archive data access for historical exploration, the ability to connect and manage up to five developer applications, and 24/7 Discord support for technical guidance.

2. Growth Tier

The Growth tier caters to startups and projects experiencing moderate resource demands. It provides an increased base allocation of 400,000,000 CUs per month, accommodating development efforts and supporting an initial user base at $49 per month.

In addition to the features included in the free tier, the Growth tier offers auto-scaling compute units for resource optimization, advanced debugging tools like Parity Trace and Geth Debug APIs, increased API rate limits for smoother workflows, support for up to 15 developer applications, and dedicated 24/7 Telegram support for prioritized assistance.

3. Scale Tier (Monthly & Yearly)

The Scale tier is available in both monthly and yearly purchase options and caters to established projects with large transaction volumes and scalability requirements. The tier offers a massive 1,500,000,000 CU allocation per month, ensuring your application can handle a growing user base.

The Scale tier has the option for pre-paid CUs (Monthly) for predictable usage at $289/month. In contrast, the yearly purchase allows a subscription of $199/month, which is more economical in the long run. 

4. Enterprise Plan

Alchemy's Enterprise plan caters to organizations with large-scale blockchain development needs. This plan offers premium support and customizable features to ensure a smooth and efficient development experience. It offers 24/7 access to troubleshooting and personalization. This plan also offers potential price negotiation and custom plans as well as dedicated account management for high-volume enterprise needs. You can find the customized price by contacting Alchemy support.


The future of the internet is decentralized, and Alchemy Web3 is equipping developers with the tools to build it. This platform tackles the challenges that often hinder decentralized application (dApp) development, allowing creators to focus on innovation. 

As the web3 landscape evolves, Alchemy Web3 is well-positioned to remain at the top, allowing developers to bring in the next generation of decentralized applications that will shape the future of the internet.

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