MOZA Technology introduces Sleepris, the innovative first smart eye massager designed for all-night comfort, promising to reduce insomnia and anxiety through innovative light, massage, and heat therapies.

This breakthrough aims to deliver deep sleep in just 10 minutes, enhancing overall sleep quality and duration.

Morgan Chen, MOZA's founder, highlights the device's significance in today's fast-paced society, said:

"Ensuring quality deep sleep is crucial for coping with high-stress lifestyles. Sleepris integrates Light Wave Therapy Technology to combat insomnia and anxiety, revitalizing individuals for their daily routines."

Unveiled at CES in Las Vegas, Sleepris captured attention alongside MOZA's RoboHands neck massager, embodying Michael Daniels' holistic health concepts.

It features MOZA FullLight red light therapy to regulate melatonin, a 7-layer fabric eye shield for visual darkness, and premium foam earplugs to minimize noise, creating an optimal sleep environment.

The device's micro-vibration massage points and controlled warmth around the eyes offer a silent, soothing experience, ensuring safety and comfort.

Weighing only 126 grams and designed for a universal fit, Sleepris combines luxury and functionality with its skin-friendly materials and adjustable features, making it an ideal gift.


Sleepris stands out as a holistic solution for improving sleep and reducing stress, marking a significant advancement in personal health tech.

With its pre-order launch and a special discount for early orders, Sleepris is set to become an essential tool for anyone looking to enhance their sleep experience and manage stress more effectively.

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