Sandbox Group is set to enhance the educational metaverse landscape by migrating Poptropica, its online role-playing game, to the Coolmath Games platform.

This move aims to offer an enriched, problem-solving adventure tailored for children aged 6 to 15.

Jeff Kinney, the author behind "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," launched Poptropica in 2007 as an innovative metaverse for kids.

It's a game where children explore magical islands, blending play with education to spark creativity and encourage self-directed learning.

The decision to host Poptropica exclusively on Coolmath Games aligns with Sandbox Group's strategy to centralize its digital learning tools.

Coolmath Games, a part of the Sandbox portfolio since the Group's acquisition, has been home to Poptropica for over four years, making this transition a natural evolution towards exclusivity.

"Poptropica's move to Coolmath Games marks an exciting chapter for the game's evolution, promising new growth avenues within a familiar ecosystem," said Natalie Shahmiri, General Manager of Poptropica.

This migration leverages Coolmath Games' established audience, aiming to preserve the game's legacy while fostering its continued growth.

The transition is planned with the game's dedicated community in mind, ensuring that Poptropica remains accessible and engaging. Details on the migration's timing will be shared on both Poptropica and Coolmath Games' websites in the upcoming weeks.


The migration of Poptropica to Coolmath Games represents a strategic move by Sandbox Group to further embed the game into the educational fabric of the metaverse.

This initiative not only aims to sustain the game's legacy but also to introduce it to new audiences, reinforcing Sandbox Group's commitment to delivering safe, engaging, and educational digital experiences for children worldwide.

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