Hayden AI wins the EIT AI Transatlantic Award from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), earning recognition for its AI solutions that enhance safety, transport reliability, and sustainability across Europe.

This award sets the stage for Hayden AI to initiate a proof-of-concept for automated bus stop enforcement in Braga, Portugal, showcasing its second venture onto the international scene.

Chris Carson, CEO and founder of Hayden AI, commented on the company's opportunity to expand its innovative vision AI solutions to Europe.

"Winning the Transatlantic AI Award and securing European Union funding for our Braga pilot underscores the growing demand for our technology in Europe. Our platform, renowned for making U.S. roads safer and transport systems more efficient, is now set to demonstrate its value in Europe,” said Carson.

Hayden AI, with its technology for mobile automated bus lane and bus stop enforcement, highlights how AI-powered cameras on transit buses can significantly improve urban transit systems.

In major cities, such as New York, this deployment has notably boosted transit speeds and decreased collisions, proving the impact of their technology on making urban transportation both safer and more efficient.

The company's expansion into Europe, following a successful pilot in Gdansk, Poland, and winning the Urban Tech Challengers competition, signifies its growing international footprint.

With the EIT’s backing, Hayden AI aims to replicate its U.S. successes in Europe, starting with Braga, by implementing its cutting-edge mobile perception platform to address urban transport challenges.


Finally, Winning the EIT AI Transatlantic Award enables Hayden AI to launch its next project in Braga, Portugal, reflecting the company's dedication to applying its AI technology for urban transport advancements.

This move to implement their system in Europe, supported by EU funding, reflects a practical step towards enhancing city transport safety and efficiency through advanced AI solutions.

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