CalypsoAI partners with Deloitte Middle East to introduce its AI security platform, aiming to boost the safety of generative AI tools for businesses in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Jordan, and other countries.

This collaboration merges CalypsoAI's leading technology with Deloitte's expert consulting services, aiming to tailor AI security solutions to the specific needs of businesses.

The adoption of generative AI tools within the Middle East is on the rise, with a MIT Sloan Management Review report indicating that 72% of executives in the region are already leveraging such technologies in their operations.

Despite this enthusiasm, a significant 64.7% of these leaders identify governance as a critical barrier to adoption.

Notably, CalypsoAI's Moderator platform aims to offer a solution, providing enterprises the visibility and control needed to ensure AI models are used securely and comply with regulatory standards.

Neil Serebryany, CEO and founder of CalypsoAI, commented on the AI tools' adoption, stating,

“We’ve seen growing demand for this capability, which provides a natural fit into the coding workflow and only requires running one command.”

Tamer Charife, Partner & M.E. Cyber Emerging Technologies Leader at Deloitte Middle East, said,

“Our approach is centered on custom-made policies and tailored use cases, forming a variety of solutions that marry innovation with security.”

The partnership aims to tackle the specific security and governance challenges faced by businesses in the region. It offers companies a powerful platform designed to protect sensitive information and keep up with changing global compliance and tax rules.

With Deloitte's deep consulting knowledge and CalypsoAI's cutting-edge technology, businesses can safely use generative AI tools, staying ahead in the worldwide market.


Finally, the collaboration between CalypsoAI and Deloitte Middle East offers businesses robust AI security and compliance tools, streamlining safe AI adoption. It merges expertise and technology to simplify complex AI challenges, enabling organizations to innovate securely while maintaining essential data protection.

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