Astrion, an innovator in AI and defense technologies, secures a $910 million deal with the United States Army Contracting Command to provide Redstone Test and Engineering Services (RTES).

Over the next five years, this contract will support the U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command by integrating advanced AI into missile and aviation systems.

Astrion, in partnership with AI Signal Research Inc (ASRI) through their joint venture, Joint Technical Solutions LLC (JTS), aims to push the boundaries of defense capabilities with this AI-focused project.

This collaboration will extend Astrion and ASRI's three-decade legacy of supporting the Army with innovative defense solutions, readying them for future technological challenges.

"This partnership reflects our commitment to mission success and operational excellence, continuing our tradition of innovation in defense technology," stated Dave Zolet, CEO of Astrion.

The formation of Astrion, merging Oasis Systems and ERC, positions the company as a forward-looking partner in addressing global challenges with smart, AI-driven solutions.

Furthermore, Astrion's focus extends beyond traditional support, venturing into areas critical for national security and technological advancement.

Matt Matoushek, EVP and GM at Astrion, pointed the importance of their work at the Redstone Test Center,

"Our collaboration is vital for enhancing the U.S. Army's readiness, delivering advanced test and evaluation services that safeguard our warfighters."


Finally, the $910 million RTES contract marks a strategic advancement for the Astrion and ASRI collaboration through JTS, focusing on embedding AI to boost the U.S. Army combat systems' safety, reliability, and effectiveness.

This initiative extends Astrion's track record in defense innovation, giving the Army a crucial technological boost in today's digital combat environments.

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