Content Catalyst, a platform in delivering analyst research, introduces MyCatalyst, an innovative AI-powered tool designed to revolutionize how professionals retrieve and utilize analyst insights. This new feature, built on the GPT OpenAI framework, aims to streamline the search and synthesis of crucial business information.

Content Catalyst steps into the future of content delivery with the introduction of MyCatalyst. The AI-enabled discovery tool enhances how business users interact with vast amounts of analyst research, offering an intuitive, efficient way to access essential insights.

By leveraging the power of GPT, the OpenAI Large Language Model, MyCatalyst is not just an addition to Content Catalyst’s suite but a transformative leap in subscriber content management and insight synthesis.

Daniel Lord, CEO of Content Catalyst, highlights the tool’s impact:

"MyCatalyst redefines business access to vital insights, enabling quicker, more informed decisions in a competitive market."

Notably, the tool makes it easier to understand complicated data by letting users ask questions directly to an "AI analyst." It lets users quickly search through information, summarize what it finds, and point to where it got its answers, making research smooth and straightforward.

Asad Munir, CTO, comments on the efficiency gains:

"During testing, we observed a 23% faster response to inquiries compared to traditional searches."

Such speed is crucial for insight professionals tasked with developing and communicating strategic recommendations swiftly.

Further enhancing its value, MyCatalyst is trained to understand the context of market research questions, ensuring users receive comprehensive, natural language answers.

Also, the Content Catalyst team has dedicated over five months to refining the AI’s capabilities, collaborating with analyst firms to ensure the technology’s reliability and confidence.


With MyCatalyst, Content Catalyst sets a new standard for accessing and leveraging analyst insights. By introducing AI technology with deep industry knowledge, the tool promises to enhance how businesses consume research, fostering a more informed, agile decision-making process.

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