Sequence, development platform for building Web3 games unveils its Embedded Wallets, a breakthrough in Web3 gaming, designed to simplify integration and enhance the gaming experience with smart contract technology.

This innovation aims to redefine how developers and players interact within the blockchain ecosystem. Sequence's Smart Wallet as a Service (Smart WaaS) makes it easy for developers to add blockchain features to their games. It's a secure, user-friendly system that lets players join the web3 world smoothly.

The Embedded Wallets aim to address the core challenges of player onboarding and retention by eliminating common hurdles such as disruptive pop-ups and transaction signing.

Instead, players can now instantly access games using familiar login methods such as email, social media, or existing game accounts. The initiative not only enhances the gaming experience by enabling uninterrupted play but also simplifies in-game purchases across any EVM network, including layer-3s and game-specific chains.

Peter Kieltyka, Co-founder and CEO of Sequence, commented on the launch, stating,

"Our Embedded Wallets represent a leap towards intuitive, enjoyable web3 interactions. This milestone underscores our dedication to providing developers with comprehensive tools for creating secure, seamless, and privacy-compliant gaming experiences."

Notably, Sequence Embedded Wallets stand out by allowing developers complete customization of the signup and login process, aligning with their game's unique identity and authentication mechanisms.

Such flexibility extends across various platforms, including web, mobile, Unity, and Unreal Engine games, courtesy of Sequence's SDKs.

Moreover, the technology ensures developers retain access to crucial player data while adhering to privacy and non-custodial best practices.

Sam Barberie, Head of Strategy and Partnerships at Sequence, highlighted the transformative potential of Embedded Wallets,

"Having witnessed the limitations of traditional wallets in gaming, Sequence's solution opens new horizons for developers and players alike, combining ease of use, broad compatibility, and unmatched security and privacy standards."


With launch of Sequence Embedded Wallets appear to be a paradigm shift in web3 gaming, promising developers a powerful tool to foster player engagement and streamline the gaming experience.

With no fees for monthly active users or wallet creations, Sequence aligns its interests with those of its partners, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

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