Fijoya, a Tel Aviv-based innovative platform that blends fintech and healthcare, has successfully raised $8.3 million in seed funding, led by Team8's Venture-Creation fund, to launch an AI-driven platform aimed at improving employer-sponsored healthcare services.

This strategic move addresses the pressing challenges of escalating costs and administrative burdens in the $1.5 trillion industry, with a focus on optimizing health and wellness benefits for employees.

The new funding will enable Fijoya to offer a unique solution that simplifies the process for employers to provide flexible, personalized health benefits to their workforce.

By integrating fintech and healthcare, Fijoya's platform promises to reduce administrative overhead and improve the utilization of benefits, leveraging an AI-powered recommendation engine to match employees with the health services that best suit their individual needs.

In partnership with Mastercard, Fijoya will facilitate secure and efficient payments across the U.S., enhancing the accessibility of thousands of health and wellness services and products.

This collaboration highlights the platform's potential to streamline healthcare transactions, making it easier for employees to find and pay for the care they need without the hassle of traditional reimbursement models.

"Fijoya is tackling the complexities of employer-sponsored healthcare head-on, aiming to deliver a more adaptable, enjoyable health experience for employees," said Baruch Levy, CEO of Fijoya.
"With this funding, we're poised to expand our platform and impact, ensuring health benefits are not just accessible but tailored to the diverse needs of today's workforce."

Notably, Fijoya's vision extends beyond simplifying health benefits administration; it seeks to revolutionize how employer-sponsored healthcare is perceived and utilized.

By focusing on personalization and efficiency, Fijoya is set to make a significant impact on the industry, improving the health and satisfaction of employees while reducing costs and administrative burdens for employers.


With its roots in the intersection of fintech and healthcare, Fijoya embeded the potential for innovative technology to solve longstanding challenges in the sector.

As it moves forward with the support of Team8 and other partners, Fijoya is looking the way toward a future where employer-sponsored healthcare is more responsive to the needs and preferences of the workforce, setting a new standard for how health benefits are managed and experienced.

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