At the 2024 T3 Technology Conference in Las Vegas, fintech leader ARQA unveiled its ARQA AI Platform, featuring two innovative AI solutions — ARQA AI Chat and KorScript. These tools are designed to significantly upgrade and streamline current wealth management software.

In a move that is sending ripples across the financial sector, ARQA's announcement is being touted as one that will forge ahead the AI revolution in finance.

The aim of the ARQA AI Platform is to equip the financial professionals thus enhancing decision making and foster the services of reporting and data analytics by modernizing and increasing efficiency in operations.

ARQA's approach is refreshingly straightforward yet technologically advanced. They deliver a minimalistic turnkey solution that offers data-agnostic versatility, a standout feature in their products like ARQA AI Chat.

This allows clients to effortlessly set up their analysis and gain useful insights into their portfolios without any complications. It's clear that this technology is poised to significantly redefine advisory services within wealth management firms.

Haik Sahakyan, ARQA Co-founder and CEO explains why the release of ARQA AI Chat is an important event.

"With so many platforms in use for wealth management it is not easy to access data. ARQA AI Chat is the answer, making accessing data as simple as posing a question."

Another ARQA progressive offering in the market is KorScript with a promise to revolutionize document processing.

Fueled by generative AI, it can turn any document into actionable data that raises the level of real-time information processing speed and accuracy.

Pete DiLorenzo, Co-founder of ARQA, spoke to the importance of KorScript and said,

"Our goal with KorScript is to eliminate the extensive hours spending on data entry allowing our clients to focus more meaningful activity – their human resources."


With special mention of ARQA AI Chat and KorScript, inclusion of ARQA's AI Platform is viewed in the dawn of a new era with technology applications related to wealth management.

These solutions are more of an innovator around the advancement of the software but how financial data is being accessed and used in a much more efficient manner to provide insights that have never been accomplished before.

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