Sony Electronics has introduced a significant software update for mocopi, enhancing its advanced mobile VR motion capture system. This new development merges mocopi with SlimeVR, offering a novel PC connectivity option for VRChat users.

Renowned for its user-friendly and accessible design, mocopi is now expanding its reach to the PC-connected VR realm, catering to a diverse audience and broadening participation in virtual reality.

Mocopi and SlimeVR: Elevating the VR Experience

Originally acclaimed for its mobile-first approach in virtual reality, mocopi now caters to customer demands for more versatile connection options.

The integration with SlimeVR, a comprehensive full-body tracking solution for SteamVR applications, allows mocopi users to engage more interactively in the VR experience.

Moreover, this update significantly narrows the gap between the convenience of mobile and the robust capabilities of PC-based VR systems.

New Features and Workflow Enhancements

This update introduces several major features to streamline virtual content creation. These include the Upper-Body Focus Mode for more precise upper body motion capture and integration with Avaturn for personalized avatar creation.

The update also enhances workflow with features like simultaneous motion data transmission and saving, customizable motion file names, and improved motion library management.

Sony's mocopi update marks a groundbreaking shift in VR, blending the portability of mobile systems with the enhanced functionality of PC setups.

This fusion expands mocopi's application spectrum and positions it as a pioneering solution in the VR industry, particularly appealing to VRChat enthusiasts seeking a perfect blend of stability and user-friendliness.


With this update, Sony Electronics reinforces its commitment to innovation in virtual reality. Mocopi's improved features and broader connectivity options reflect Sony's dedication to advancing VR technology, making it more accessible and versatile for users globally.

Sony's unique approach sets a new standard in the VR industry, paving the way for a transformation in how people engage in virtual experiences.

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