Alethea, intersecting generating AI and Blockchain today secures a $20M Series B funding, spearheaded by GV and Ballistic Ventures, to advance its AI technology in combating digital disinformation.

This move boosts Alethea's total investment to $34M, signaling investor trust in its vision and technology.

The recent funding round shows investor confidence in Alethea's innovative approach to mitigating digital threats.

Notably, Alethea's Artemis, an AI-powered platform, plays a critical role by enabling early detection and response to cyber threats, misinformation, and disinformation campaigns.

Its capability to analyze billions of data points across various platforms and languages positions Alethea as a key player in the fight against digital disinformation.

Lisa Kaplan, Alethea's CEO, emphasizes the evolving nature of cyber threats.

"Organizations today face unprecedented risks from actors weaponizing information. Our Artemis product shifts the paradigm from reactive to proactive risk management," Kaplan stated.

This strategic focus on active defense mechanisms highlights Alethea's commitment to enhancing digital security landscapes.

Furthermore, the Series B funding will fuel Alethea's expansion, enhancing sales, marketing, and Artemis's capabilities. It also includes growing its team and extending its reach to protect more organizations online.

Karim Faris, GV's General Partner, lauds Alethea's machine-learning approach as crucial in the AI-driven era of information, noting the company's success in attracting enterprise-level adoption, quoted,

"Alethea takes a novel, machine-learning driven approach to protect company brand reputations from the potential damages of disinformation campaigns and social media manipulation,"

Moreover, Alethea's work also extends to analyzing new disinformation tactics, specially in political arenas. A recent report by the company sheds light on sophisticated strategies aimed at influencing U.S. electoral processes, demonstrating the company's unique role in safeguarding democratic integrity.


Alethea is among few startups recognized as a woman-owned technology beacon, empowering businesses and non-profits against disinformation with its Artemis platform.

As digital threats evolve, Alethea's innovative AI solutions aim to offer a critical line of defense, ensuring the safety and integrity of digital communications in an increasingly complex cyber landscape.

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