Sumsub, a global verification platform, has launches a Deepfake Detection feature within its Video Identification service to tackle the rising wave of AI-powered fraud targeting businesses.

The strategic move is in direct response to the alarming increase in deepfake incidents, especially within the crypto and fintech sectors.

"Deepfake technology and its associated risks have been on our radar for years. Our new deepfake detection capability is a critical addition to our video identification services, ensuring businesses and their customers are safeguarded against the evolving threats of AI fraud," stated Andrew Novoselsky, Chief Product Officer at Sumsub.

Following the detection of an increasing trend in deepfake manipulations during video identity checks, Sumsub's AI and ML team acted swiftly to integrate the Deepfake Detection feature.

This development is part of a broader effort to strenghten the company's verification offerings, including a state-of-the-art Deepfake Detection Solution embedded in its product.

Unlike conventional methods, the solution operates in real-time, offering an extra layer of security during live video interviews, a critical requirement in jurisdictions mandating video identity verification.

Notably, a deepfake video scam in Hong Kong, resulting in a $25.6 million loss for a company, points the critical need for innovation in the sector. This event illustrates the challenges of contemporary online fraud and the vital role of cutting-edge detection technologies in addressing them.


As Sumsub introduces its Deepfake Detection feature, the move not only establishes a benchmark in video identification security but also emphasizes the need to evolve in response to AI and deepfake technology threats.

By ensuring a more secure verification process, Sumsub aims to protecting businesses from the complex fraud tactics that are becoming increasingly prevalent in the digital age.

The initiative reflects a larger trend in the tech industry towards leveraging AI to enhance security measures, ensuring that businesses can trust the digital interactions that are pivotal to their operations.

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