Coxwave, a Seoul-based innovator, has just secured a $3.5 million investment to bring its AI-powered analytics tool, Align AI, to the American market.

The platform is designed to revolutionize the way product teams analyze and interpret data from AI chatbots, ensuring improvements and user satisfaction.

In the fast-paced world of AI, businesses often struggle to implement and derive value from AI technologies, especially large language model (LLM)-powered chatbots.

Coxwave's Align AI steps in to fill this gap, offering a seamless way for product builders to gain insights into user interactions with their AI conversational products.

"The GenAI space is teeming with LLM-based conversational interfaces. Yet, the lack of personalization can frustrate users and lead to missed revenue opportunities," Gijung Kim, CEO of Coxwave, explains.

He emphasizes the platform's ability to transform conversational data into actionable insights for hyper-personalized user experiences.

The recent funding round, backed by KB Investment, Danal, and Seoul Techno Holdings, will facilitate Coxwave's U.S. expansion and further development of Align AI.

Additionally, this tool stands out for its quick setup, real-time data analysis, and access to leading LLM toolkits, making it an invaluable asset for developers seeking to refine AI chatbot interactions.

"Despite Align's recent launch, we've seen significant interest, including over one thousand votes on Product Hunt," Kim added, highlighting the market's positive reception.

Moreover, distinctive feature of Align AI is its natural language search engine, allowing teams to easily find specific conversational data, enhancing the efficiency of customer service analysis.

Seunghwan Kim from KB Investment lauds Coxwave's intuitive platform and the team's execution capabilities.

"We are convinced of Coxwave's technologies in the era of conversational AI," he stated, signaling strong confidence in the startup's future.


As Coxwave prepares to introduce Align AI to the U.S., its approach to leveraging conversational AI analytics is a game-changer for customer service. This move not only signifies a strategic expansion but also promises to redefine the interaction between businesses and customers through more personalized and effective AI-driven solutions.

Coxwave's journey reflects a broader industry trend towards enhancing digital communication, ensuring that businesses can meet evolving customer expectations with precision and innovation.

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