Patlytics, AI-driven patent startup secures a $4.5 million seed investment led by Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI venture fund, enabling advancement in AI-powered patent technology.

The funding round also saw contributions from 8VC, Joe Montana’s Liquid 2 Ventures, and other notable investors, aiming to transform the patent process for professionals by integrating artificial intelligence.

Patlytics introduces an AI-driven approach to automate critical patent processes like drafting, infringement analysis, and competitive intelligence.

This innovation seeks not to replace, but to empower patent professionals, enhancing their capabilities and efficiency.

“The AI revolution in patent intelligence is about transforming how patent professionals strategize across the patent lifecycle,” said Paul Lee, Co-founder and CEO of Patlytics.

He emphasizes the platform’s role in combining technical and legal expertise to support patent workers.

Gradient’s Darian Shirazi also commented on the recent move, highlighting the importance of intellectual property protection as industries increasingly integrate AI into their products.

“Patlytics’s use of transformative AI innovations is reinventing the intellectual property protection industry,” Shirazi added, underlining the solution’s impact across various sectors.

Arthur Jen, Co-founder and CTO of Patlytics, reflects on his extensive experience with patents,

“In the past, where I worked intensively with filing and defending patents to protect company technology, I’ve had the firsthand experience of working with patent professionals to handle various key aspects of the patent process,” said Arthur.

Moreover, Patlytics collaborates with a wide range of partners, from Fortune 500 in-house counsels to leading law firms, demonstrating its broad application and effectiveness in the field of intellectual property.


In summary, Patlytics’s funding round, led by Gradient Ventures, paves the way for an AI-driven revolution in patent intelligence. This breakthrough points a shift towards more efficient, informed patent management and protection strategies, promising a new era for intellectual property professionals and the industries they serve.

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