Is the gaming industry far from the mainstream adoption of Web3 elements in gameplay? Recent reports would suggest so. 

Non-crypto natives harbor strong concerns and uncertainties about the world of blockchain-powered games. Intimidating and complex for newcomers, the collective pushback hinges on traditional gamers’ willingness to engage with digital assets and the reality that blockchain gaming has largely fallen short in one important area—developing fun games.

In blockchain-based play-to-earn gaming systems, the primary goal is typically to work in exchange for rewards. However, most gamers are not interested in spending hours performing tedious tasks during gameplay, even if they could earn some cash or an NFT in the process.

Video gaming is a controlled form of freedom where our brains can enter alternative realities and partially escape everyday demands. Great storytelling, evocative worlds, frictionless experiences, community building, and skill are typical reasons gamers immerse themselves in these realities. The interactive nature of gameplay allows gamers to channel energy into an enjoyable and immersive environment without concerns for monetary rewards for gameplay. 

Amidst these challenges, Exverse is emerging as a force in gaming as a free-to-play game, bringing a new version of AAA first-person shooter with Web3 components to traditional gaming. By prioritizing skill-based gameplay, Exverse creates a timeless gaming experience, armed with Web3 features, putting player enjoyment and skill at the forefront. 

Simplifying the complexities of blockchain technology is critical to ensuring those unfamiliar with its technical elements can easily navigate games. As an innovative gaming studio, Exverse prioritizes gameplay in a manner not typically seen among Web3 games. By simplifying the onboarding process, Exverse eliminates one of blockchain gaming's most significant challenges by allowing users to register in any way they choose—via email, Discord, Telegram, or Metamask wallet. 

Exverse prioritizes skill-based gameplay rather than pay-to-earn models, enabling players to earn rewards by staking tokens before sessions. Top performers receive a share of the profits earned from NFTs, cosmetics, and skins.

What sets Exverse apart is its community-centric approach, which empowers players to participate actively in creating and developing the game's thriving ecosystem. Exverse’s community is critical in ensuring the game evolves organically by utilizing native assets to shape the expanding universe. 

Exverse CEO Fei Ooi Hoong, stated in an official press release:

"Our hybrid approach is the result of our understanding that for NFT or blockchain games to succeed in the post-bull market, they need to appeal to gamers in the same way as beloved titles like 'Call of Duty,' 'Halo,' and 'Counter-Strike' have.”

A core feature of the game is the universe, which consists of three distinct planets offering gamers an unmatched gaming experience by honing in on competitive mechanics, a fluid physics engine, and dynamic visuals. Exverse's three planets—Social, Quest, and Battle—cater to different playing styles while remaining interconnected within a single timeline. Daily missions add a dynamic layer to the gaming experience for users, ensuring long-term growth and sustained interest of the player. 

Fei Ooi Hoong adds in the release:

“We decided to focus our efforts first on developing a fun and visually captivating game, and only then strategically working in the token mechanics in a way that rewards skill—all before conducting an IDO."

Exverse recently secured $3 million in a private round led by Cogitent Ventures, Cointelligence, and Moonrock Capital. With additional support from industry leaders such as KuCoin Labs and ChainGPT, Exverse will leverage the funds to further preparations for the game's testnet and token launch, forge additional partnerships, and expand its marketing efforts in the APAC region. 

As traditional gaming and Web3 continue to overlap, Exverse is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming world by creating a video game that invites all users to participate in its cosmic journey. 

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