The growing popularity of cryptocurrency has encouraged more and more advancement in the management of crypto payments, as well as pushed companies to find a better way to attract a wider customer base. NOWPayments steps up to the challenge effortlessly, offering a comprehensive one-stop solution that simplifies crypto acceptance for companies of all sizes.

What is NOWPayment?

NOWPayments eases the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments for businesses, both big and small. It acts as a pathway between the world of traditional commerce and the disruptive innovation of digital currencies. Some of the core products offered by NOWPayment are:

1. Development API

Companies can integrate NOWPayments smoothly into their existing platforms and applications using its strong API. This lets them provide crypto payment options easily without too much development work.

2. Invoices

This platform lets businesses generate professional invoices customized to the branding and business needs. These invoices can include crypto payment options along with traditional payment methods that provide flexibility for the customers.

3. Fiat Payments

NOWPayments enables the conversion of received cryptocurrency into traditional currency (fiat) for easier management. This leads to better financial management without needing to handle various cryptocurrencies.

4. Subscriptions

Recurring payments for subscription-based services can be easily set up. This makes things easier for the business and its customers and leads to a steady flow of income.

5. Donation Tools

Companies can attract new supporters by offering crypto donation options. This service provides customizable buttons and widgets that can be easily integrated into the official company website or various social media platforms.

6. Point of Sale (POS)

The NOWPayment gateway uses a web-based POS system to accept crypto payments in physical stores. This eliminates the need for extra hardware and allows the customers to pay using their crypto wallets at the checkout counter.

7. Plug-ins

NOWPayments offers dedicated plugins for platforms like Shopify and Magento. This lets companies add crypto payment options to their online store and integrate with popular e-commerce platforms effortlessly.

NOWPayments Industry-Specific Solutions

NOWPayments offers more than just crypto payment processing. The platform recognizes the specific requirements of various industries and provides customized solutions.

1. E-commerce

Easy Integration: You can seamlessly add crypto payment options to your online store using pre-built plugins for popular platforms like Shopify and Magento.

Fast Checkout: This platform offers a streamlined checkout process for customers who prefer to pay with cryptocurrency.

Fraud Prevention: You can leverage NOWPayments' fraud prevention tools to make sure your transactions are secure.

Global Reach: You can expand your customer base by accepting payments from crypto users all over the world.

2. Casinos

High Transaction Volume Support: This platform can handle large volumes of crypto transactions efficiently with NOWPayments' strong and advanced infrastructure.

Fast Settlements: Fast settlements are guaranteed for all your casino operations.

Enhanced Security: You can enjoy advanced security features to keep your platform and user data safe from violation and hacking.

3. Gaming

Micropayment Support: This platform lets you accept even small crypto payments for in-game purchases or subscriptions.

Recurring Subscriptions: You can simplify recurring payments for in-game memberships or premium features.

Fraud Prevention: This service lets you minimize fraudulent transactions with built-in security measures.

Global Audience: The platform lets you reach a wider audience of gamers who prefer using cryptocurrency for in-game transactions.

4. Charity

Donation Tools: You can easily integrate customizable donation buttons and widgets to encourage crypto donations.

Donor Transparency: This platform allows donors to track their contributions securely on the blockchain.

Reduced Fees: You can benefit from potentially lower transaction fees compared to traditional donation methods.

5. Trading Platforms

Fast and Secure Transactions: You can enable efficient and secure crypto transactions for your trading platform.

Fiat Conversion Options: This platform provides options for users to convert and withdraw funds in traditional currency.

API Integration: You can seamlessly integrate NOWPayments with your trading platform's API.

High Liquidity: This service provides access to high liquidity, ensuring smooth and efficient cryptocurrency transactions.

How NOWPayment Works

1. Sign Up & IntegrateCreate a NOWPayments account and choose how you want to connect it to your system, using either API or plugins.

2. Pick Your Crypto: Decide which cryptocurrencies you want to accept from over 250 options the platform offers.

3. Generate Payment Options: Create unique crypto payment links or QR codes for your products.

4. Customer Pays: Your customer selects their preferred cryptocurrency and pays from their wallet.

5. Receive Payment: You can choose to receive the crypto or convert it to traditional currency.

6. Track & Manage: View and track all transactions in a centralized dashboard for easy monitoring.

Benefits of NOWPayment

1. Extensive Support

NOWPayments offers a huge selection of cryptocurrencies for making and receiving payments across many different blockchains. Automatic conversion makes sure users have a smooth experience without manual exchanges. The platform also accepts requests to add new cryptocurrencies if your business needs them.

2. Fast Transactions

NOWPayments prioritizes speed and predictability, offering instant settlements and fixed rates on transactions. The fee is kept low to ensure cost-effective payments, no matter the amount. For added flexibility, NOWPayments lets you freely switch between cryptocurrency and traditional currency whenever you need.

3. Customizable Solutions

NOWPayments offers unique solutions to meet the needs of various industries. Whether you're in gaming or e-commerce, these customizable services are designed to suit your specific business requirements.

4. Security and Control

NOWPayments emphasizes security by providing both non-custodial and custodial solutions, allowing you to manage your funds in a protected way. As part of an integrated ecosystem that includes a cryptocurrency exchange, wallet, and node provider, NOWPayments offers smooth integration and a variety of supportive features.

Highlights of NOWPayment

  • The platform accepts payments in both cryptocurrency and fiat currencies with its ready-made solutions.
  • You can enhance your fund management with strong security and functionality with NOWPayments.
  • It provides industry-specific solutions for various sectors, including e-commerce, casinos, gaming, charities, trading platforms, and marketplaces.
  • You can convert customer payments from their preferred cryptocurrencies to your chosen coin automatically using crypto swaps.
  • It lets you access detailed statistics and download complete reports to track your revenue.
  • It provides access to 24/7 support and utilizes educational resources to enhance your understanding of cryptocurrencies and improve your operations.


NOWPayments allows businesses of all sizes to accept payments in over 250 cryptocurrencies easily. As cryptocurrency adoption becomes more mainstream, this platform can expand its reach to accommodate an even broader range of businesses and customers. NOWPayments is set to be a global leader in streamlining and securing businesses' cryptocurrency transactions in the future.

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