Higgsfield AI, a rising startup reshaping social media video creation, today announces it has secured $8 million in seed funding from Menlo Ventures, marking a significant leap towards democratizing AI-driven video production.

At the heart of the social media revolution, video content stands as the ultimate medium for creativity and connection, a truth that Higgsfield AI, co-founded by former Snapchat AI leader Alex Mashrabov, aims to amplify.

Higgsfield AI sets out to transform video creation, making it accessible to everyone through mobile-first, user-friendly tools that integrate seamlessly into daily life.

This new influx of funds is set to accelerate the development and deployment of Higgsfield AI's innovative video model, Diffuse.

The model Diffuse empowers users to generate lifelike human characters from a simple selfie, adding a groundbreaking layer of personalization and creativity to video content.

Additionally, coupled with an intuitive Prompt Builder, the platform enables the crafting of unique content through text prompts, images, or videos, all driven by Higgsfield's advanced AI technology.

Menlo Ventures sees vast potential in Higgsfield AI's mission to democratize video production.

"Higgsfield AI is poised to redefine video creation, offering tools that allow anyone to become a creator of captivating, personalized content," stated Amy Wu, Partner at Menlo Ventures. "Their proprietary technology and experienced team place them at the forefront of the emerging AI video landscape."

Already making moe, Higgsfield AI has introduced Diffuse to select markets, including India, South Africa, the Philippines, Canada, and Central Asia, with a strategy for a phased global launch.


Finally, Higgsfield AI's recent seed funding from Menlo Ventures is more than just a financial milestone; it's a testament to the transformative potential of AI in video creation.

By democratizing access to advanced video production tools, Higgsfield AI is not only making it simpler for users to express their creativity but is also paving the way for a new era of personalized and engaging video content.

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