Today, Aarki unveiled an AI-powered mobile marketing platform, designed to simplify ad processes and enhance consumer engagement, establishing a new benchmark in privacy-centric advertising for mobile marketers.

Aarki, a leading AI firm in mobile advertising, today introduced its cutting-edge AI platform, aiming to redefine mobile marketing with a privacy-first approach.

The platform, built on a bespoke multi-level machine learning infrastructure, utilizes deep neural networks to optimize bid prices, ensuring maximum return on investment for campaigns.

This innovation aims to reduce the complexity advertisers face in reaching and engaging consumers effectively.

Furthermore, employing deep neural networks and Multi-Objective Bid Optimization, Aarki's platform interprets signals crucial for successful consumer conversion and retention, while also generating revenue for publishers.

The platform's ability to create dynamic behavioral audience cohorts without relying on device IDs showcases its commitment to privacy. Such launch represents the culmination of a year's worth of dedicated AI research and development.

"The digital media market, especially in-app mobile performance advertising, is highly competitive and is on track to exceed half a trillion in value globally this year," stated Aman Sareen, CEO of Aarki.
"Our new AI platform not only introduces advanced technology but also sets a new performance advertising standard that meets the dynamic needs of mobile app developers worldwide."

Notably, Aarki distinguishes itself through three core pillars: an AI-driven platform, a commitment to privacy, and a unified creative framework.

This trio ensures advertisers receive a blend of technology, creative strategy, and campaign management, driving unparalleled results.

Following the recent establishment of a new leadership team led by CEO Aman Sareen, Aarki's innovative platform has already attracted major clients like Playtika and Me2Zen, positioning the company as a key player in mobile game publishing.

"Meeting customer needs requires true innovation in our field. At Aarki, we're dedicated to redefining growth marketing KPI achievement possibilities," concluded Sareen.


With its latest AI platform, Aarki is aimed to transform the mobile advertising landscape. By integrating technology with a privacy-first ethos, Aarki offers advertisers a powerful tool for engaging consumers more effectively, setting a new standard in the process.

This initiative lays Aarki's commitment to leading through innovation, ensuring mobile marketers can navigate the complexities of digital advertising with newfound ease and efficiency.

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