XION, the blockchain built for easy use by the masses, today unveiles a $25M boost from leading investors like Animoca Brands and Laser Digital (Nomura), aiming to streamline the experience for crypto users.

Facing the challenge of mainstream Web3 adoption, XION introduces an innovative approach to dismantle the barriers new users encounter, such as intricate onboarding and technical complexities.

This initiative makes a departure from the industry’s usual focus on financial speculation, instead directing efforts towards consumer-friendly applications that utilize blockchain technology.

At the heart of XION's approach is the Generalized Abstraction framework, an all-in-one infrastructure that makes it easier for developers to build and launch Web3 products that are ready for everyday users.

Notably, XION pioneers the integration of USDC as its core transactional currency, establishing consistent pricing within its ecosystem and enhancing user accessibility.

XION also revolutionizes user onboarding with its Meta Accounts system, obviating the need for traditional private key management while maintaining a non-custodial framework.

The system promises a seamless transition for users from familiar Web2 interfaces to decentralized applications, utilizing methods such as email and biometrics for authentication and offering features like cross-device access and account recovery.

Anthony, a core contributor to the XION network, shares his enthusiasm:

"We are thrilled to pioneer XION, making crypto accessible to everyone. Our platform allows people to effortlessly engage with decentralized apps directly on their phones, without the hassle of managing seed phrases or private keys. We are now focusing on launching our mainnet and collaborating with key partners to lay the foundation for success."


XION's journey towards simplifying crypto has already shown promise, with over 1.3 million Meta Accounts created and more than 15 million transactions processed during its test phase.

Finally, the recent funding boost supports XION's mission to enhance its development and extend its global ecosystem, demonstrating a clear path toward making blockchain technology a staple in consumer applications.

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