Cybersecurity CEOs Aidan Kehoe and Andrew Howard, along with Matt Higgins, have launched, an AI-powered Blockchain Risk Management platform.

The platform aims to provide automated risk management solutions to the blockchain ecosystem, offering critical speed, scalability, and security.

The official launch of signifies a new era in blockchain security, delivering a solution that addresses the digital asset management challenges.

With the rise of digital assets, the platform's founders, experienced in cybersecurity, have pooled their knowledge to create a service that applies generative AI for comprehensive risk assessments.

This innovation offers traders and fund managers a dynamic tool for real-time due diligence and risk monitoring, crucial for informed trading decisions.'s platform stands out for its ability to monitor assets constantly, offering insights into custodians and counterparties.

Notably, such feature is increasingly important as the financial world welcomes Bitcoin ETFs and seeks compliance solutions for on- and off-chain balances.

Jan van Eck, CEO of VanEck Associates, commented on the necessity of robust risk management in financial services. He notes,

"Lockchain aids in processing a wealth of relevant data, offering insights to both technical and non-technical risk management professionals."

Further emphasizing the platform's importance, Nick Percoco, Chief Security Officer at Kraken and advisor to, points out the critical need for understanding the risks in blockchain and crypto spaces.

He mentioned,

"Risk management is essential for navigating uncertainties and protecting investments in this dynamic environment."


In summary, was founded to meet the urgent need for a sophisticated security solution in the blockchain sector. The platform's development, led by industry veterans with a clear mission, promises to empower businesses with AI-driven risk management tools.

The initiative represents a notable shift in the management and protection of blockchain assets, envisioning a future where trading digital assets becomes more secure and transparent for all participants.

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