In a recent move to reshape the landscape of AI in financial services, Oscilar, co-founded by Confluent’s Neha Narkhede and former Meta engineering executive Sachin Kulkarni, has announces a partnership with FairPlay, the pioneer of Fairness-as-a-Service, to provide its clients with advanced tools for ensuring fairness in AI credit models.

This partnership brings together Oscilar's groundbreaking AI and ML solutions for risk assessment with FairPlay's first-ever service dedicated to ensuring fairness in financial services.

Their combined efforts aim to enhance the security and effectiveness of AI in consumer credit decisioning, tackling key issues of bias and ensuring equitable treatment in financial evaluations.

FairPlay, established in 2020, is on a mission to assist financial institutions in achieving real-time fairness testing, monitoring, and optimization.

The solutions are designed not only to foster growth and reduce risk but also to navigate the complexities of regulatory standards, ensuring positive outcomes for consumers.

Oscilar's CTO, Sachin Kulkarni, commented on the synergy in this partnership, stating,

"Oscilar is at the forefront of applying generative AI in financial services, necessitating a partner like FairPlay to pioneer new fairness solutions responsibly."

He highlights the seamless integration of FairPlay’s tools into Oscilar's platform, enabling clients to maintain fair lending practices natively.

Kareem Saleh, CEO of FairPlay, discusses the impact of this partnership on the lending industry, noting,

"Next-generation credit decisioning software is essential for lenders aiming to stand out. Oscilar's no-code UI, enhanced with FairPlay’s fairness tools, enables swift, compliant, and fair credit policy adjustments."


The alliance between Oscilar and FairPlay symbolizes a forward-looking approach to integrating fairness into AI-driven financial services.

By leveraging each other’s strengths, they are setting new standards for how financial services companies can utilize AI responsibly, ensuring fair lending practices while enhancing operational agility and competitive edge.

Finally, the partnership not only addresses the immediate needs for compliance and fairness but also underscores a commitment to ethical AI deployment in the evolving financial sector.

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