Vektor Medical announces a $16 million Series A investment, co-led by Solas BioVentures and TVM Capital Life Science, for its AI-based arrhythmia analysis tool, vMap.

This move signals strong investor trust in Vektor's mission to improve arrhythmia care.

Rob Krummen, CEO of Vektor, shared insights on the healthcare challenge.

“With the rise in atrial fibrillation cases, there's a pressing need for more efficient treatments,” he stated.

Vektor’s vMap is stepping in to meet this demand, offering a way to enhance ablation procedures and patient results with the new funds aiming to broaden its accessibility.

The investment will fuel the expansion of vMap, focusing on increasing clinical support and conducting further studies to demonstrate its benefits.

Vektor's efforts will also include broadening reimbursement avenues to make this innovative tool more accessible to practitioners and patients alike.

Dr. David Adair from Solas BioVentures praised Vektor’s approach to tackling heart arrhythmia issues, focusing the potential for a significant positive impact on patient health.

“Vektor’s dedication to evolving the cardiac care landscape offers hope for millions,” Adair commented.

Dr. Luc Marengere of TVM Capital Life Science highlighted the enthusiastic reception of vMap among electrophysiologists.

“Vektor is setting a new standard in healthcare, and we’re excited to support their journey,” he noted. This sentiment underscores the industry's readiness for change, propelled by Vektor's technology.


Vektor Medical, based in San Diego, is pioneering a shift in arrhythmia treatment with its AI tool, vMap.

This technology, distinguished by its non-invasive approach and FDA approval, is aim to enhance cardiac ablation outcomes significantly.

With this latest funding round, Vektor aims to make its innovative solution more widely available, marking a crucial step forward in the fight against atrial fibrillation and other arrhythmias.

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