In a recent move to strengthen data privacy, Metomic today unveils Metomic for ChatGPT, a browser plugin designed to give businesses control over sensitive data shared with OpenAI's ChatGPT platform.

The technology aims to bridge the gap between leveraging generative AI's benefits and safeguarding vital corporate information.

Notably, ChatGPT's swift rise to 100 million users in just two months has showcased its potential to boost business efficiency while also raising concerns over the accidental exposure of sensitive data.

Metomic answers with a browser plugin that actively monitors data uploads in real time. This ensures the protection of sensitive information, including customer PII, security credentials, and intellectual property.

Rich Vibert, CEO of Metomic, commented on the development, said:

"OpenAI’s ChatGPT has undeniably accelerated business workflows, yet the apprehension surrounding sensitive data exposure has been palpable. With Metomic for ChatGPT, we're enabling businesses to fully harness the power of generative AI without the data security risks that typically accompany cloud-based applications."

This integration reflects Metomic's commitment to empowering businesses to utilize cutting-edge technology responsibly.

Furthermore, the plugin is designed to work within the browser, providing security teams with immediate alerts if sensitive data is detected.

The plugin comes with more than 150 pre-defined data classifiers and allows businesses to create their own. This ensures a customized data security approach that meets each organization's specific needs.

Additionally, Metomic's initiative comes at a crucial time as reports from the past year indicate a 60% increase in sensitive data uploads to ChatGPT by employees.


Metomic's launch of its ChatGPT integration is a testament to the company's foresight in addressing the dual needs of embracing generative AI technology and maintaining rigirous data security standards.

By providing real-time control over sensitive data exchanges on ChatGPT, Metomic is setting a new benchmark for secure, AI-enabled business operations.

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