Datadog, a leading platform in monitoring and security for cloud applications, today welcomed Sara Varni as its new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Varni, with a rich background in enterprise software marketing, joins Datadog from her recent role at Attentive, following senior positions at Twilio and Salesforce.

Amit Agarwal, Datadog's President, praised Varni's extensive experience.

"Sara excels in marketing to both developers and executives, backed by her deep understanding of product engineering and technology," he said.

Varni's appointment comes at a crucial time for Datadog as it focuses on product innovation and market expansion based on customer insights.

Varni shared her enthusiasm for joining Datadog, especially as the company advances in security observability and generative AI capabilities,

"It’s an exciting time to drive Datadog’s next growth phase, building on the company’s solid foundation," Varni stated.

Before joining Datadog and Attentive, she served as Twilio's CMO, where she played a key role in expanding the marketing function and significantly contributed to revenue growth.

Furthermore, her subsequent tenure at Salesforce further established her marketing leadership expertise.

Notably, Varni holds a BS in Business Administration from Bucknell University and an MBA from The Anderson School of Management at UCLA.


Finally, Datadog's recruitment of Sara Varni as CMO underline its commitment to innovation and leadership in cloud application monitoring and security.

With Varni's leadership, Datadog is aim to enhance its product offerings and market presence, continuing its trajectory of success and customer satisfaction.

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