UserTesting, specializing in experience research, has rolled out notable updates to its Human Insight Platform, including the general release of AI Insight Summary and other new features.

The current development represents a major advancement in enabling businesses to efficiently gather and analyze human insights across diverse customer interactions.

Michelle Engle, Chief Product Officer at UserTesting, shares the vision behind the new release:

“Our goal is to merge cutting-edge technology with valuable customer feedback. The AI Insight Summary is a testament to this, combining AI and machine learning to refine the process of understanding customer experiences.”

The AI Insight Summary, powered by GPT, enables businesses to identify key themes and trends from their research data. Since its beta release in August 2023, the feature has already saved thousands of hours in video analysis.

This tool provides a condensed overview of user experiences, pinpointing critical moments backed by source data for accurate decision-making.

Andy Parquette, Lead UX Designer at Panera Bread, praises the new feature:

“AI Insight Summary acts like an extension of our team, highlighting crucial user experience aspects and directing us to improvement opportunities. It’s a significant time-saver.”

Additionally, UserTesting’s latest update also includes advanced mobile templates and guides, offering a versatile tool for capturing real-world customer experiences.

These templates, applicable in sectors like retail and travel, enable companies to gain firsthand insights into customer interactions.

Further, UserTesting's integration with Rally, a user research CRM platform, streamlines the process of managing audience networks and capturing insights.

The integration is part of UserTesting's ConnectTech program, aiming to embed customer feedback seamlessly into product development.


With these latest advancements, UserTesting is redefining the landscape of experience research. By harnessing AI for insight analysis and offering versatile tools for capturing customer experiences, UserTesting is empowering companies to make more informed, customer-centric decisions.

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