Squid, a key player in blockchain interoperability, has announced a $4 million strategic funding round. Led by Polychain Capital and supported by various venture capital firms, this investment signifies an important step in expanding Squid's cross-chain router technology, essential for seamless blockchain integration and user interaction.

Christina Rud, Squid’s Co-Founder, shared the company's vision:

"Squid aims to be the user experience (UX) layer that bridges various blockchains and their applications, simplifying the complex landscape and enabling smooth cross-chain functionality."

This financial backing comes as Squid demonstrates impressive growth and user adoption. It has facilitated over half a million transactions, evidencing the platform's effectiveness and appeal.

The current growth reflects Squid’s mission to offer a user-friendly, secure, and efficient way to interact across blockchain networks.

Olaf Carlson-Wee, founder of Polychain Capital, commented on Squid’s transformative potential:

“Squid is at the forefront of simplifying complex cross-chain activities, which is crucial for the future development of blockchain applications.”

Moreover, Squid's innovation doesn't stop with funding. The company introduced Squid Boost, a system that ensures swift and secure cross-chain swaps.

This feature aligns with Squid's commitment to optimizing user experience without compromising security.

"Squid is more than a token swap or NFT purchase platform; it’s about integrating diverse blockchain actions into an effortless user experience," says Co-Founder Fig, highlighting Squid’s multi-functional capabilities.

The investment will accelerate Squid's development of advanced transaction bundling and routing strategies.

Additionally, the team plans to integrate Squid with more interoperability networks, aiming to broaden its reach beyond Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems.


Squid's successful funding round is a testament to its potential in the blockchain space. The capital will enable Squid to further enhance its capabilities, making cross-chain actions simpler and more accessible.

As Squid continues to innovate, it plays a crucial role in making blockchain technology more user-friendly, paving the way for broader adoption and a more interconnected blockchain ecosystem.

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