UpdatePromise introduces Harmony AI, the latest enhancement to its Consumer Experience Management System (CEMS). This 24/7 virtual assistant sets a new standard in dealership operations, revolutionizing appointment scheduling and ensuring continuous, professional customer service.

Harmony AI extends its functionality beyond simple appointment management. It offers robust executive assistant support, processing and interpreting dashboard reports. This empowers managers with invaluable insights, crucial for informed decision-making.

This integration of advanced technology into UpdatePromise's CEMS underlines the company's commitment to operational efficiency and a superior consumer experience, particularly in the automotive industry.

Curtis Nixon, President and CEO, articulates the strategic significance of Harmony AI.

"This is a key step in achieving our business goals and maintaining excellence," Nixon asserts. "It's about ensuring no customer is left unanswered, any time of the day."

Harmony AI doesn't just respond to calls; it enriches operational capacity. It effectively adds the equivalent of 30 full-time employees, boosting productivity by an hour per person daily. This synergy of human skills with AI is key to increasing revenues and transforming dealership performance.

With this AI tool, UpdatePromise is at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence with a human touch. This innovative approach offers unparalleled automation, setting new benchmarks for modern dealerships.


Harmony AI from UpdatePromise is a game-changer in automotive dealership management. By blending AI efficiency with human interaction, it's creating a new paradigm in dealership automation, surpassing contemporary expectations in customer service and operational management.

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