Mercuryo, a crypto on/off ramp platform in alliance with Ledger, announces Mercuryo Pro, a bespoke private crypto banking solution. This service, designed for high-net-worth individuals and businesses, revolutionizes the way crypto transactions, including major cryptocurrencies and euro-backed stablecoins, are handled, offering unrestricted transaction capabilities.

This collaboration sets Mercuryo Pro apart, blending decentralized finance (DeFi) principles with a highly personalized concierge service. Clients receive guidance from a dedicated concierge, ensuring a customized and secure transaction experience.

Security and compliance are paramount, with stringent KYC and KYB processes facilitated through personal concierges and trusted partners. This 24/7 service guarantees a responsive and tailored approach to every client's needs.

Petr Kozyakov, Сo-founder and CEO of Mercuryo, emphasizes the platform’s vision:

“Mercuryo Pro is our response to the growing demand for seamless traditional and web3 financial services. We're dedicated to providing secure, accessible, and personalized crypto banking solutions.”

Mercuryo Pro also tackles the challenges faced by European users in transferring funds to crypto platforms. The service assists in setting up IBAN accounts and facilitating fiat transfers, enhancing the overall user experience.

Jean-Francois, VP of Transaction Services at Ledger, underscores the collaboration's significance:

“Working with Mercuryo aligns with our goal of broadening access to digital assets while prioritizing security.”


The Mercuryo and Ledger partnership marks a significant step in evolving crypto banking. Mercuryo Pro is set to redefine the landscape for high-net-worth individuals and businesses, offering a sophisticated, secure, and personalized banking experience in the crypto world.

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