Gala Music, a revolutionary platform in web3 music, introduces its new leadership team. These seasoned veterans are set to revolutionize the music industry, reshaping how artists and fans interact in the web3 era.

Eric Schiermeyer, CEO and Founder of Gala, is excited about the team's potential.

"We're thrilled with this talented group joining Gala Music," he says. "Their expertise and passion are key to empowering artists and fans in web3."

Leila Steinberg, now President of Gala Music, brings a rich history including managing Tupac Shakur and founding AIM4TheHeART. Her experience promises to uplift Gala Music and redefine the music industry's future.

Ryan Rodriguez, Gala Music's VP, offers a unique perspective from his time at Interscope Records and Fakewrk Management. His extensive client list and experience with top artists position him to lead the transition of artists into the web3 space.

Tim Herndon, Head of A&R, brings insights from working with icons like Macy Gray and Usher. His expertise will enrich Gala Music's roster with top-tier talent.

Chrystal Anderson, leading Gala Music's marketing, has a successful background with Goldenvoice, organizing major festivals like Coachella. Her expertise is crucial for Gala Music's global reach and promoting new music talents.

This dynamic team represents a key moment for Gala Music. Their combined skills are set to transform music creation, distribution, and enjoyment. They aim to democratize the music industry, empowering both artists and fans.


Gala Music is at the forefront of the web3 music revolution. Their new leadership team is poised to redefine music discovery and enjoyment. By bridging artists and fans with cutting-edge technology, Gala Music is reshaping the music landscape for a new generation.

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