Typeform, known for its intuitive form-building and data collection platform, unveils Formless. This AI-powered form builder, developed in collaboration with OpenAI, reimagines data collection through interactive, conversational forms.

Formless elevates customer data gathering to new heights, offering an engaging user experience. It is set to transform how zero-party data, crucial for personalized customer experiences, is collected.

As per McKinsey & Company, personalized interactions are a consumer expectation, with a significant percentage showing frustration when this is not met.

Typeform's Formless addresses this need by balancing business objectives with customer preferences using AI.

David Okuniev, co-founder of Typeform, shares the vision behind Formless.

"Our goal is to create meaningful interactions, not just transactions," says Okuniev. "Formless offers a perfect mix of AI efficiency and personal touch, aligning with today's digital consumer expectations."

Various teams, including marketing and customer success, leverage Formless for diverse functions like lead generation and feedback collection.

Here are the list of benefits, Formless delivers:

  • Enhanced respondent experience with AI-trained responses
  • Higher engagement and completion rates through conversational AI
  • In-depth insights from unstructured data
  • Efficient content creation with customizable templates
  • Global reach with support for over 120 languages
  • Simple website integration and wide application connectivity

Luke Dringoli from Media Cause highlights Formless's innovative approach to online data collection.

"It's a natural, engaging way to gather information," he notes.

Porter Pursley of Beehive echoes this, mentioning higher conversion rates and valuable conversation summaries from Formless.


The launch of Formless reinforces Typeform's position as an AI frontrunner. This innovative tool is part of Typeform's continued efforts to make online interactions more conversational.

With Formless, Typeform is setting a new standard in data collection, blending the practicality of forms with the dynamics of human conversation.

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