Formic Technologies, a Robotics-as-a-Service, announces a new suite of software tools designed to democratize robotic automation for US manufacturers.

This innovative solution caters to businesses lacking internal expertise and enhances the capabilities of existing workforces, drawing on extensive real production data.

Formic's software, inspired by the ease of smartphone and streaming service interfaces, makes operating robotic solutions straightforward.

The multilanguage touchscreen UI allows employees to program and operate Formic robots effortlessly, requiring no advanced training.

Saman Farid, CEO of Formic, addresses the US manufacturing labor shortage.

"Formic Core simplifies automation adoption," he says. "It empowers businesses to maximize their existing workforce, improving safety, quality, and production efficiency."

Formic Core feeds data into Formic Colony 2.0, a comprehensive performance dashboard. This AI-powered tool analyzes data for predictive maintenance, minimizing downtime.

Facility owners can access this data in real-time through the Formic App, enabling effective management and quick issue resolution.

Formic’s FAST software accelerates robotic system specification and deployment. It provides AR demonstrations and quick quoting, reducing design and implementation times significantly.

Shahin Farshchi of Lux Capital highlights Formic's role in making advanced automation accessible.

"Formic's AI and algorithms simplify automation processes," he notes. "They make automation as easy as hiring workers for all manufacturing scales."


Formic's software suite marks a major leap in US manufacturing automation. Offering comprehensive, user-friendly robotic solutions, the company is set to revolutionize the sector, making high-tech automation accessible to businesses of all sizes.

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