Liminal, a fast-growing digital asset custody provider, partners with Encryptus, a pioneer in fiat off-ramp solutions, to revolutionize the conversion of crypto to fiat currencies.

This strategic alliance aims to provide a seamless, compliant gateway for institutions to effortlessly transition between digital assets and local currencies.

Liminal's secure custody solutions, supporting an extensive range of businesses and blockchain chains, perfectly align with Encryptus's robust crypto-to-fiat conversion capabilities.

The collaboration empowers Liminal users to convert digital assets into fiat, enhancing business transactions across 54 countries and individual payments in over 80 countries.

Also, partnership expands Encryptus's clientele and offers Liminal an extended range of services. It simplifies the traditionally complex process of crypto transactions, making digital assets more accessible and user-friendly for businesses globally.

Reflecting on the partnership, Manhar Garegrat, Country Head India & Global Partnerships at Liminal, said,

“We are delighted to partner with Encryptus, a company that mirrors our commitment to security and compliance, and innovation. This collaboration will undoubtedly enhance our ability to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients globally."

Echoing the sentiment, Shantnoo Saxsena, CEO at Encryptus, commented,

"The partnership with Liminal marks a strategic move towards offering a comprehensive fiat off-ramp solution to Liminal's customers. Encryptus is dedicated to empowering our partners to provide Crypto <> Fiat services in a secure and compliant manner. We are excited to be a key part of Liminal’s ecosystem."

This alliance marks a major advancement in bridging traditional finance and the crypto world. Liminal and Encryptus are dedicated to revolutionizing the industry with innovative solutions that respond to the evolving needs of the digital asset landscape.


The partnership between Liminal and Encryptus represents a significant milestone in the integration of crypto and traditional financial systems. By combining their strengths, they are setting a new standard in the industry, paving the way for broader access to and utilization of digital assets in everyday business operations.

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