Tquila, a global tech venture-builder, today announces the launch and first close of its $60 million Tquila Paloma Fund, aiming to accelerate investments in AI and other emerging technologies.

The company, founded in 2010 by James McHugh, seeks to boost its venture-building endeavors across various global markets including the US, EMEA, Japan, and Australia.

Its robust portfolio, valued at over $1 billion, spans a diverse range of technology sectors such as AI, Data, ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, Google Cloud, Salesforce, UiPath, AWS, and Snowflake.

Such diverse investment strategy has established Tquila as a notable player in the tech venture space, especially in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence.

Additionally, the Paloma Fund is set to further enhance Tquila’s impact by accelerating the growth of its existing portfolio and expanding its reach into new technologies and regions.

This strategic expansion is supported by an impressive team of industry veterans and asset management experts.

Among them, Carsten Jorgensen, former Chair and CEO of the Mittal Family Investment Office and Head of Investments at Inter IKEA Fund Management, will serve as the Chair of the Paloma Fund.

"The Paloma Fund reaching a solid first close in under six months is testimony to the unique opportunity Tquila offers investors and clients to partner with the in-demand software companies," commented Carsten Jorgensen.

James McHugh, Tquila’s founder and CEO, highlighted the collective expertise and commitment driving their success.

"We are fortunate to have a world-class team of entrepreneurs, advisors, and partners. The experience, focus, and professionalism brought by Carsten and the Paloma Fund team have significantly accelerated our opportunities for growth," McHugh stated.


In summary, Tquila's launch of the Paloma Fund not only signifies its continued expansion but also its commitment to fostering innovative technologies, particularly AI.

With strategic investments and a strong leadership team, Tquila is positioned to drive substantial advancements in the tech venture landscape, aiming exciting developments for global technology ecosystems.

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