Today, Nooks, the fast growing AI dialing and prospecting platform, disclosed a $22 million in Series A funding, increasing their total funding to $27 million.

This latest funding aims to transform the role of inside sales representatives, especially those focused on lead generation who typically engage in manual tasks like making calls and writing emails.

The introduction of AI tools by Nooks is set to improve these mundane tasks by automating them, thereby allowing sales development reps (SDRs) to focus on the more strategic aspects of selling.

"Sales development reps today spend 90% of their time on manual tasks that can be automated with AI," explained Dan Lee, CEO of Nooks. "We're building Nooks to cut out the busywork and empower reps to focus on the more strategic parts of selling."

Nooks offers an array of features aimed at enhancing sales productivity. These include the AI Dialer, which automates routine tasks such as skipping rings and answering machines, and call logging.

The AI Research feature helps personalize call scripts and identify high-intent leads by analyzing data from various sources including emails and LinkedIn.

Additionally, Nooks has developed tools like Nooks Numbers and Nooks Call Analytics which further aid in prospect identification and call strategy optimization.

The Nooks Virtual Salesfloor and the newly introduced AI Training feature provide a collaborative environment for remote, hybrid, and distributed sales teams, and an innovative way for reps to practice their selling skills against an AI buyer persona.

"Our team couldn't imagine working without Nooks," shared Hannah Wilson, SVP of Sales at Modern Health. "Soon after implementing Nooks we saw a 5x increase in sales pipeline via live calling. Our sales leaders rely on the analytics and virtual sales floor to level up the team, and everyone who uses Nooks agrees that it not only boosts productivity, but it's also a lot of fun."


In summary, with a portfolio that includes integration with major sales tools such as Outreach and Salesforce, and a user base that spans across B2B tech companies, Nooks is aiming to redefine the sales process.

The platform’s quick ROI and free trial have contributed to its rapid growth and strong market position.

As Nooks continues to innovate and expand its product offerings, it remains dedicated to improve the productivity and strategic capabilities of sales teams worldwide.

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