CARV, focused on developing modular data layers for gaming and AI, announced a $10M Series A funding round led by Tribe Capital and IOSG Ventures.

This investment will support further development of data ownership and innovation in a user-centric internet.

Following recent strategic investments, CARV continues to expand its influence in the gaming and AI industries.

The Series A funding will empower the company to further develop its modular data solutions, critical in an era where data privacy and user ownership are paramount.

Victor Yu, co-founder of CARV, pointed out the importance of this development:

"Our platform redefines how users manage and monetize their data amidst the growing AI demand."

The investment round saw contributions from prominent tech investors including Consensys, OKX Ventures, and Fenbushi Capital, reflecting strong confidence in CARV’s vision.

CARV specializes in comprehensive data solutions that integrate seamlessly with AI technologies, ensuring both innovation and compliance with rigorous regulatory standards.

Part of CARV’s ecosystem, CARV Protocol, supports over a million users in managing their digital identities across web2 and web3 environments, while CARV Play improve the gaming experience for 2.5 million active users by facilitating data sharing and community interaction.

Highlighting the impact of the funding, Yu added,

"This capital boost will significantly advance our capabilities in creating a user-centric, privacy-focused digital space."


In summary, as CARV prepares to launch its node sale to further decentralize its platform, the company stands at the forefront of blending blockchain technology with real-world AI applications, promising enhanced security and user engagement.

The support from seasoned investors underscores the potential of CARV's technology to set new standards in data management and digital interaction in the gaming sector.

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