Coinage, a pioneering community-owned crypto media outlet, announces a strategic partnership with TheStreetCrypto. This collaboration aims to revolutionize Web3 media by bringing Coinage's award-winning content and exclusive crypto insights to TheStreet's extensive reader base, exceeding 30 million.

Coinage and TheStreetCrypto join forces to educate and guide investors in the complex world of cryptocurrency. Zack Guzman, Coinage Host and Founder, emphasized the partnership's role in "bridging the gap in crypto information and boosting Coinage's rapid growth in Web3 media."

James Heckman, CEO of Roundtable and ex-Global Chief Media Strategist for Yahoo, praised the partnership for its potential to elevate crypto journalism. He remarked on Coinage's impressive guest lineup and insightful analysis.

In its debut year, Coinage established itself as a leader in Web3 media, winning a SABEW award alongside The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. This recognition came for its coverage of the Terra Founder's crypto collapse, the largest to date.

Coinage has been at the forefront of unique Web3 experiences. It hosted the first onchain scavenger hunt and a community-driven "Crypto Project of the Year" challenge. Additionally, its podcast on Sam Bankman-Fried's trial offered in-depth legal insights.


With its strategic partnership with TheStreetCrypto, Coinage is set to redefine the landscape of crypto journalism. This union signifies a new era of accessible, high-quality crypto content, promising to enhance the knowledge and decision-making capabilities of investors worldwide. As Coinage moves into 2024, it continues to break new ground, promising exciting developments and a vibrant, engaged community for crypto enthusiasts.

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