MetaMask Snaps, an innovative plugin platform, now integrates Hedera, the leaderless proof-of-stake network, thanks to Tuum Technologies. This integration, facilitated by the newly launched Hedera Wallet Snap, bridges MetaMask's 30 million monthly users with the functionalities of Hedera, marking a notable advancement in decentralized web development.

Tuum Technologies, known for decentralized identity solutions, developed the Hedera Wallet Snap. It extends MetaMask's capabilities, allowing developers to seamlessly incorporate Hedera's features into MetaMask applications. Kiran Pachhai, Co-founder of Tuum, highlights this as a major enhancement for app developers, said:

"The Hedera Wallet Snap is a sophisticated plugin that empowers developers to enhance the capabilities of their applications beyond the native features of MetaMask."

The HBAR Foundation, dedicated to building economies on Hedera, views this integration as a key step in mainstreaming decentralized technologies. It facilitates direct interactions with the Hedera network through MetaMask, streamlining user experiences and broadening Hedera's reach.

Shayne Higdon, CEO of The HBAR Foundation, underscored the significance of this development.

"Today's news is an important advancement for Hedera's interoperability, bringing Hedera's unrivaled scalability, speed, and energy efficiency to more users and developers across the globe," he said.

The Hedera Wallet Snap removes the need for the Hedera JSON-RPC Relay. It offers users advanced features such as account retrieval and token balance viewing. Available on MetaMask Open Beta and GitHub, this tool represents a significant stride in Web3 usability.


The partnership between Hedera and MetaMask represents a milestone in the evolution of the decentralized web. This collaboration not only enhances the functionality of MetaMask but also expands the potential and accessibility of the Hedera network to millions of users, solidifying its position in the Web3 space.

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