Amplica Labs and MeWe, a global social network, announce a groundbreaking achievement. They have successfully migrated 500,000 MeWe users to the Web3 ecosystem. This is done using the innovative Frequency blockchain, marking a significant milestone in the digital world.

This partnership between Amplica Labs and MeWe signifies a major shift in digital user empowerment. It represents the largest migration from Web 2.0 to Web3. The transition was achieved seamlessly, maintaining the quality of user experience.

Jeffrey Edell, MeWe's CEO, emphasized the milestone's significance. He said,

"Integrating half a million users with Web3 is a crucial step for the internet's future. We're providing unmatched privacy and control, thanks to Web3 technologies."

In 2022, MeWe planned to adopt the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP). This protocol is a part of Project Liberty's vision for a healthier digital ecosystem. It aims to decentralize social networking, moving it from proprietary platforms to the web.

Frank McCourt of Project Liberty highlighted the initiative's broader implications. He stated,

"This migration proves that a healthier, user-empowered internet is achievable. It's a step away from a monopolized web, towards an internet that benefits everyone."

MeWe uses Frequency, a Layer-1 blockchain, to deliver Web3 functionalities. This integration empowers users with features like data ownership and enhanced privacy. It marks MeWe as a leader in decentralized social networking.

Braxton Woodham of Amplica Labs commented on reaching this milestone. He said,

"Achieving 500,000 migrations confirms our dedication to decentralized, open-source tech. We're shaping the future of social networks."


Amplica Labs and MeWe's collaboration marks a transformative moment in the tech world. Their successful migration of a large user base to Web3 opens new possibilities for user data control and internet experience. This venture sets a new industry standard, paving the way for a user-centric digital future.

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