In a significant move, Taiko, an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solutions provider, announces the launch of its Alpha-6 testnet, Katla. This testnet introduces a novel rollup design, blending optimistic and ZK Rollups, foundational for its 2024 mainnet.

Taiko's new testnet, Katla, showcases its commitment to closely mirroring Ethereum's architecture, enhancing developer-friendliness. Unlike other ZK-EVMs, Taiko's Ethereum-equivalent ZK-EVM maintains the original Ethereum properties and tools, ensuring seamless integration for developers.

Katla, anticipated to be Taiko's final testnet before the mainnet launch, introduces the Based Contestable Rollup (BCR) design. This innovative approach merges the simplicity and cost-efficiency of optimistic rollups with the security and swift finality of ZK rollups. It's tailored for a wide array of dapps, particularly those in gaming and Web3 social applications.

A key innovation in Katla is its ability to transition rollups from optimistic to ZK, responding to evolving technology and cost efficiencies. This adaptable approach ensures long-term viability and simplifies app-chain setups within Taiko's ecosystem.

Moreover, Katla debuts a multi-proof framework, enhancing rollup security by integrating various proofs. This aligns with Ethereum's security principles and echoes Vitalik Buterin's emphasis on the importance of a robust multi-proofs framework for Ethereum rollups.

"We're thrilled to introduce Katla to our community and partners. As the first Layer 2 to test a multiproof solution in a public testnet, Taiko is aligning with Vitalik Buterin's vision for Layer 2 security, enhancing Ethereum's scalability and security," stated Daniel Wang, CEO of Taiko.

Throughout its development, Taiko has conducted five testnets, each focusing on different protocol aspects. These testnets have garnered substantial community involvement, with thousands actively participating in dapp development, node operation, and protocol interaction. These efforts have led to significant enhancements in Taiko's protocol.

Katla, likely the last testnet before the eagerly anticipated mainnet launch, is expected to closely resemble the final iteration. However, Taiko continues to evolve, with its next milestone being the Based Booster Rollup (BBR).


As Taiko gears up for its mainnet debut, the launch of Katla marks a pivotal moment in Ethereum's scalability journey. With its unique approach to Layer 2 solutions and commitment to decentralized, permissionless, and secure scaling, Taiko stands at the forefront of advancing Ethereum's capabilities, supported by significant backing from top investors.

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