Absolute Labs partners with Google Cloud, launching a groundbreaking Web3 CRM platform on Google Cloud Marketplace. This collaboration aims to revolutionize brand marketing strategies, offering access to a vast network of over 700 million wallet users.

In a significant move, San Francisco-based Absolute Labs, a leader in Web3 CRM and marketing, has announced its innovative Wallet Relationship Management (WRM) platform is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace. This venture empowers businesses to tap into the potential of Web3 for their marketing initiatives.

The WRM platform enables marketers to blend Web2 and Web3 data, offering insights and automating cross-channel campaigns. It features wallet messaging, airdropping, and integration with channels like email, Discord, Twitter, push, and SMS.

Samir Addamine, CEO and co-founder of Absolute Labs, expressed his enthusiasm:

"Our inclusion in the Google Cloud Marketplace is a testament to the growing importance of Web3 in marketing strategies. This partnership accelerates Web3 adoption, contributing to revenue growth, customer retention, and new loyalty paradigms."

Leveraging Google Cloud's Vertex AI, Absolute Labs enhances its blockchain data platform, allowing businesses to access over 700 million wallet profiles for targeted marketing efforts. The use of generative AI facilitates understanding blockchain signals, making the platform more intuitive for users.

Dai Vu, Managing Director at Google Cloud, commented on the partnership:

"Absolute Labs' presence on Google Cloud Marketplace enables quick deployment of its Wallet Relationship Management Platform on our secure, global infrastructure, supporting customers in their digital transformation."


For companies looking to integrate Web3 CRM and marketing automation, Absolute Labs' listing on Google Cloud Marketplace offers cost-effective solutions and simplified procurement processes.

This partnership not only promotes ease of use and consolidated billing but also signifies a major step in digital marketing's evolution, blending traditional and Web3 technologies for comprehensive customer engagement strategies.

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