Hedera, in partnership with the Blockchain Foundation, has launched an Education Learning Briefing Series aimed at fostering responsible innovation in the Web3 space.

The series, set to take place in Washington, DC, Boston, MA, Columbus, OH, and Anaheim, CA, seeks to bridge traditional financial literacy with modern digital opportunities.

The initiative is a collaborative effort with the bipartisan Financial Literacy & Wealth Creation Caucus, reflecting a concerted effort to integrate public institutions in the evolving Web3 framework.

By hosting forums across various U.S. cities, the series emphasizes the communal aspect of technological advancement, countering the notion of Web3 development occurring in isolation.

The educational series will kick off with a high-profile event featuring notable political and industry leaders.

Scheduled participants include U.S. Representatives Joyce Beatty, Young Kim, and Wiley Nickel, alongside influencers from the Aspen Institute, Consumer Reports, and the Alliance for Innovative Regulation.

These sessions aim to spotlight traditional entities that are cultivating financial security and risk mitigation tools, thus enhancing the educational fabric of the Web3 community.

"Education is paramount in the evolving Web3 landscape," stated Nilmini Rubin, Chief Policy Officer at Hedera. "By collaborating with the Blockchain Foundation, we aim to create a more informed and resilient ecosystem, engaging stakeholders at both institutional and community levels."


In summary, the first briefing is scheduled for April 30th, 2024, at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., coinciding with Financial Literacy Month and Small Business Week.

This effort is part of Hedera and the Blockchain Foundation's broader commitment to promote understanding and responsible innovation in Web3, ensuring that advancements in digital technology are accessible and beneficial for a wide audience.

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